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Erik Scheme

Erik Scheme

University of New Brunswick

PITCH – a comprehensive screening program that will enable regular and proactive health monitoring and intervention

Dr. Scheme is building is a multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral research and development program referred to as PITCH, which stands for Proactive Integrated Technology-Enabled Patient-Centric Healthcare.

Having identified the strategic opportunity for New Brunswick to become a Living Lab and leader for the rest of Canada in healthy aging, PITCH is more than a single research project. Its intended to break down silos between disciplines so that greater achievements can be reached.

The PITCH program is a comprehensive screening program that will enable regular and proactive health monitoring and intervention. It’s multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, researchers, and data scientists aim to develop and validate a new mobile digital health platform and demonstrate that a proactive and patient-centered approach can translate into better health outcomes and independence, and reduced health care costs.

The platform will support a team of trained PITCH personnel in conducting comprehensive assessments, for everything from diabetes and cardiovascular disease to mobility issues, dementia, and the social determinants of health. Accuracy and accessibility of point-of-care technologies and clinical assessments have finally come together to enable hospital grade diagnostics in the home, allowing us to provide older adults with convenience, peace of mind, and actionable health and wellness information.

The secure PITCH mobile application will allow patients to monitor their own health data using their own mobile or desktop devices. For those who don’t want to monitor their own data can instead share it with their care teams and loved ones.

By connecting individuals to their own health data through regular in-home visits, the PITCH program will become a powerful engagement and educational tool. Insights gained through these interactions, and from the data collected, will allow for early diagnosis and intervention, reducing the onset and slowing the progression of disease, and reducing risk of injury.

About Erik:
Dr. Erik Scheme is the New Brunswick Innovation Research Chair in Medical Technologies. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of New Brunswick, an Adjunct Professor in Medical Education at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick, the Director of the Health Technologies Innovation Lab, and a member of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and the Dr. J. Herbert Smith Centre for Technology Management and Entrepreneurship. An expert in diagnostics and predictive analytics, human-machine interfaces, and machine learning, he is working to build the digital health and health technology sector in New Brunswick through strategic R&D partnerships with government, industry, long term care, and clinical partners.