NBIF Names Five Finalists for R3 – R3

NBIF Names Five Finalists for R3

The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation on Monday announced five Research Innovation Awards finalists for this year’s R3 Innovations in Aging Gala, which is set for April 12 in Fredericton.

The awards will be presented to three of the finalists for their research in technology and its impact for our aging population. Each winner will reveive $50,000 in NBIF research funding. On top of these awards, one CBC Viewers Choice recipient will be awarded $15,000.

“We’re so excited that for our 10-year anniversary, we’re offering $50,000 each in NBIF research funding for such a critical action area,” said NBIF’s Director of Research Lindsay Bowman in a statement.

“These finalists have shown tremendous potential for impact on healthy aging in New Brunswick, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the list. Research is the often unseen foundation that’s critical to any innovative product or service, and we want to make sure it’s appropriately recognized and celebrated.”

This year, NBIF is expanding its biennial event, the R3 Gala, into three full days of talks, conferences and seminars that will centre around the main theme: innovations in aging. Ashton Applewhite, the author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism and an expert of ageism will present a keynote address during the awards ceremony.

The conference starts on April 10 at the Fredericton Convention Centre

The five finalists are:

Suzanne Depuis-Blanchard, Université de Moncton

Her research explores the benefits of at-home care for seniors, and is examining a model of this type of delivery service where nursing home staff actually travel to patients’ homes.

Clive Baldwin, St. Thomas University

His research on “narrative gerontology”, a practice in which healthcare providers use the patient’s life story or personal narrative, is being recognized for its capacity to help older adults combat feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression.

Carole Goodine, University of New Brunswick

Goodine is developing a polypharmacy app that aims to solve a major issue among the aging population — simultaneously taking high amounts of medication. Older adults on multiple prescriptions often take their daily meds all at once, which can lead to more health issues.

Erik Scheme, University of New Brunswick

He has developed a program called, PITCH which stands for Proactive Integrated Technology-Enabled Patient-Centric Healthcare, a screening program designed to enable regular health monitoring and intervention.

Trevor Hanson, University of New Brunswick

His research addresses issues facing rural seniors who no longer drive and looks at the different challenges that limit mobility.  His research aims to start new conversations on how we can help older adults who have lost their mobility freedoms, rather than just  limiting driving because of aging.

You can vote for the CBC Viewers Choice Award by watching the finalists’ videos on CBC New Brunswick’s Facebook page and ‘liking’ your favourite. Click here to to buy tickets to the gala.


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