Finalists announced and voting opens for R3 Innovations in Aging research awards – R3

Finalists announced and voting opens for R3 Innovations in Aging research awards

FREDERICTON (N.B.) – The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF) is proud to
announce the five finalists for the Research Innovation Awards for this year’s R3
Innovations in Aging Gala, which will be held on the evening of April 12 th , 2018 at the
Fredericton Convention Centre.

Three of the five finalists will receive a Research Innovation Award and $50,000 in NBIF
research funding the night of the R3 Gala. In addition, one CBC Viewers Choice
recipient will be awarded $15,000 in NBIF research funding.
The five finalists are:

Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard (Université de Moncton)
Nursing Homes Without Walls: A Model for Aging in Place
With the majority of seniors wanting to age at home, we require an efficient
model of service delivery to ensure they are getting the services they need. Dr.
Dupuis-Blanchard’s research explores the notion of nursing home personnel
providing services to older adults living at home.

Clive Baldwin (St. Thomas University)
Enhancing Well-Being in Later Life through Innovations in Narrative Care
Narrative care is an approach to health and healing that uses people's life
experience (i.e., their life stories or narratives) to address the many challenges

facing older adults that can result in feelings of loneliness, meaninglessness,
anxiety, depression, and despair. Research in the field of "narrative gerontology"
has shown that approaches to care that involve some form of life story work (e.g.,
life review, life-writing, reminiscence) have a significant and positive impact in
terms of health outcomes with this population.

Carole Goodine (University of New Brunswick)
Polypharmacy App to Improve Health Outcomes in Older Adults
Dr. Carole Goodine’s work is developing a Polypharmacy App that aims to solve
the simultaneous use of multiple drugs – which has become a major issue in the
aging population. The App will result in a more efficient and accurate medication
safety review – which will save hundreds of clinician hours and decrease high risk
medication use and adverse effects.

Erik Scheme (University of New Brunswick)
PITCH – a comprehensive screening program that will enable regular and
proactive health monitoring and intervention
PITCH stands for Proactive Integrated Technology-Enabled Patient-Centric
Healthcare, and is a comprehensive screening program that will enable regular
and proactive health monitoring and intervention. PITCH’s multi-disciplinary team
of clinicians, researchers, and data scientists aim to develop and validate a new
mobile digital health platform and demonstrate that a proactive and patient-
centered approach can translate into better health outcomes and reduced health
care costs.

Trevor Hanson (University of New Brunswick)
Age-Friendly Transportation Planning to facilitate safe and efficient mobility of
rural older adults

Dr. Trevor Hanson’s research is addressing the long-standing issues facing rural
older adults that can’t or don’t drive by exploring the technical and policy
challenges that limit mobility solutions. While there has been much debate on
limiting driving due to the health effects of aging, we also need important
conversations around how to help older adults maintain mobility in a way that
ensures their needs are met.

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Voting for the CBC Viewers Choice Award for $15,000 in NBIF funding is now open –
visit the CBC New Brunswick Facebook page and click on the Video tab. Under
Playlists, you will find the NBIF R3 2018 Finalists – CBC Viewers' Choice Award
playlist. Watch all five videos, and LIKE your favourite. The finalist with the most likes
will win the CBC Viewers Choice award. Voting will continue until midnight April 11 th ,

“We’re so excited that for our 10-year anniversary we’re offering $50,000 each in NBIF
research funding for such a critical action area. These finalists have shown tremendous
potential for impact on healthy aging New Brunswick, and we couldn’t be more pleased
with the list” says the NBIF’s Director of Research Lindsay Bowman. “Research is the
often-unseen foundation that’s critical to any innovative product or service, and we want
to make sure it’s appropriately recognized and celebrated.”

Each of the 3 honorees will also be awarded research support services worth $2,500
from the NB Social Policy Research Network to assist with knowledge mobilization
planning, dissemination of research findings, policy support, and coordination services.
Finalists were selected from a Call for Nominations by an independent and national
selection committee. Selections were based on a number of criteria, including the extent
to which the researcher has shown promise and innovation in addressing healthy aging,
and the creative use of new knowledge and/or technology.

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